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Might and Magic® IX PRODUCT OMSCHRIJVING You’ve never seen Might and Magic like this! Explore an all-new universe filled with richly-detailed castles, dark, foreboding dungeons, lush outdoor environments, and much more! Lead a party of four player characters and up to three non-player characters on a quest to save your home, the peaceful land of Chendian, from the bloodthirsty Beldonian Horde. Develop each character’s skills in the talents of either Might or Magic in this, the final episode of Might and Magic. BELANGRIJKSTE KENMERKEN Control a party of four adventurers and explore varied landscapes and deep dungeons. Save the peaceful lands of Cheldian from the ravaging Beldonian Horde. For the first time in the series experience an all 3D environment. Real-time and turn-based combat, detailed spell system and all new character development system.

  • Ubisoft

Webwinkel: Ubisoft
Prijs: € 5.99

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