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Battle Isle Platinum Battle Isle Platinium is pure strategy combined with a compelling backstory. Consisting of the first four installments of the series, it offers the opportunity to play and experience a huge chunk of Battle Isle history, from the very beginnings on up to the events on Scayra, the colonial planet of Chromos– a planet so distant and yet so similar to Earth. The history of the Kais and the Drulls is one comprised of only a few Chromian centuries, but centuries with one war following the other, with destruction and upheaval determining the development of Chromian society.  Contains full versions of the following strategy games in one package: Battle Isle 1 including Data Disk 1&Battle Isle‘93&Historyline: 1914-1918 Battle Isle 2 including Scenery CD“Titan’s Legacy”  Battle Isle 3 along with extensive video sequences Incubation and The Wilderness Missions, Six great turn-based games in the same sci-fi universe, offering weeks of challenging gameplay! Units gain experience as you progress through the game, adding a new layer of strategic decisions.

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