KontrolFreek - Gamerpack Signature Thumbsticks


Our GamerPack Classic gives gamers the advantage in any game at any range. Each GamerPack Classic includes one set of KontrolFreek® Classic and one set of FPS Freek® CQC™ Signature Series.

KontrolFreek Classic is our flagship Playstation and Xbox controller accessory. It was created with precision and accuracy in mind. By increasing the length of the thumbsticks slightly, precision while aiming is improved dramatically.

FPS Freek CQC Signature Series's newly formulated rubber compound and unique concave/convex thumb surface provides unsurpassed comfort and control. The slightly extended height added by CQC creates a seamless 'in-between' feel for those who prefer less adjustment or have smaller hands. The CQC is also perfect for that often neglected left analog stick that could benefit from more grip without sacrificing quickness. FPS Freek CQC Signature Series is a perfectly matched complement to KontrolFreek Classic. Try mixing and matching FPS Freeks to find that perfect combination of deadly accuracy.

  • KontrolFreek

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