Dead Island + Dead Island Riptide (Double Pack)


This is the ultimate collection of the Dead Island universe, including both main games and all DLC available. Grab your friends and enjoy hours of endless, open world zombie survival action!

Dead Island Double Pack includes:

- Dead Island Game of the Year Edition game
- Dead Island Riptide Game of the Year Edition game
- Bloodbath Arena (Dead Island)
- Ryder White Mission (Dead Island)
- Ripper Weapon Blueprint (Dead Island)
- Alternative Character Skins (Dead Island Riptide)
- XP and Stats Boost (Dead Island Riptide)
- Access to the Special Shop (Dead Island Riptide)
- BBQ Blade Weapon (Dead Island Riptide)

  • Deep Silver

  • EAN Code:
  • 4020628888503

Webwinkel: Nedgame
Prijs: € 14.99

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