Angel Cat Sugar


There's big trouble in Angel Land, and only Sugar can save the day! One bright and sunny morning when Sugar, the Princess of Angel Land, was playing outside with her friends Basil, Parsley and Thyme, she was surprised by the appearance of the Storm King! The Storm King was supposed to be in charge of the West Land, blowing the leaves from the trees. Then suddenly the Storm King got the idea that his job was to blow everything away - absolutely everything, no matter what anybody said. He ignored Sugar's protests, and blew her three friends to the far reaches of Angel Land. Sugar must now travel to different lands in order to free her friends, pausing to help anyone else who may have had their things blown away as well. Finally, she must confront the Storm King to show him the consequences of his actions. Features Most worlds have their own collectables.

These are found all over any given world. Gather enough collectables and you may unlock something special! When you complete certain tasks in game, you will unlock a special ability which may be used by Sugar in all of the worlds to access areas you couldn't reach before! These include an Umbrella, Watering Can and Shovel A variety of cute characters to meet! Play a selection of mini-games!

  • Rising Star Games

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  • 5060102952022

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